2017: Year In Review

Added 3 female teachers to our all male teaching staff in 2017. Females were not educated in the past. 1/3 of our students are girls.
Forty-four 8th graders graduated.
Six of the top 10 graduates came from our Christian Schools in 2016.
Mary translates as Elizabeth reads from Dinka Bible. 4 literacy classes began for women in 4 communities.
John, school nurse, provided vaccinations and healthcare to 910 students in 2017.
A small business loan provided for new ladies restaurant in Akot.
Paloch women’s group prays outside new church building. Women built 2 churches in 2017.
A poultry house was completed at farm for new poultry project.
Dr Raymond inspecting fruit trees for the 2 new orchards projects. Cassava and a new variety of rapid growing beans were introduced .
Two Basic Utility Vehicles were provided to transport harvested food to storage, then to schools.
Joy, Pastor Peter’s daughter, tries out the church drum. Drums give call to worship for 13 churches.
Pastor Daniel leads church garden project. Church, school, and women’s gardens are a new concept.
Women dress in their finest apparel for Sunday worship services under a tree on Sundays. A new sewing building was constructed this year
Paloch pastor training class meets twice a week. Classes also held in Akot. 3 men’s discipleship groups.

Remember the Wonders He Has Done

A part of my morning routine for the past many years has been to read an online news publication,The Sudan Tribune, which reports news from South Sudan. I rarely find any good news, and quite honestly, it is usually it is downright discouraging. However, I follow that time up with Scripture reading and prayer time. I am not sure if that is the best order, but it does help me begin my work day on a positive note.

The following is an excerpt from today’s edition of Sudan Tribune.

“Members of the Troika countries (Norway, the United States and Britain) have described the situation in South Sudan as “intolerable”…The humanitarian, economic, security, human rights and political situation continues to deteriorate with devastating consequences for the people of South Sudan… This statement pointed out that over half the population now lacks enough food to feed them and a third of the population has fled their homes, causing the largest refugee cries in Africa.”

Thankfully my Scripture reading quickly reminded me to reflect on the amazing things God has done through our ministry in Akot. “Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts…. Look to the Lord and his strength…Remember the wonders he has done…” 1 Chronicles 16: 9-12

There were so many wonderful things that God accomplished in 2017. Too many for me to try post a picture for each. For example, LWCT sponsors several students attending secondary schools and universities. College graduates in 2017 are from Nursing School, Business School and Christian Primary Education. The Director of Akot Christian Ministries, sponsored by a friend of LWCT, achieved his Law Degree this year. Several other college students completed another year in the areas of medicine, agriculture, and nursing. LWCT is sponsoring 7 orphan boys in secondary school in Rumbek (State Capital) and 5 girls in a Christian Secondary School which offers boarding for girls.

Despite the fiery darts the enemy throws, the Lord is clearly protecting His mission in South Sudan.
I hope you will join us as we rejoice in the Lord, “and forget not all his benefits.” Psalm 103:2.

Yin abi nang run jot path (“Have a good New Year”) in Dinka
Mama Ayen (aka: Ann Rao)