A Light in the Darkness

“Since the outbreak of conflict in 2013, South Sudan has been confronted with many challenges, particularly large population displacements, chronic hyperinflation, civil unrest and food insecurity.” (UNICEF South Sudan/2016/Rich) The already fragile education system has deteriorated significantly. According to a June 2018 article from Sudan Tribune, 2.2 million students have dropped out of school since December 2013. (The population of South Sudan is only 12 million). In spite of this sea of darkness, two Christian Primary Schools, Abundant Life Primary and Living Water Primary, continue to shine in the center of the youngest nation.

In June a team of volunteers from Colorado installed a solar electric system at Abundant Life Primary. This system provides the ability to have lights in the classrooms and power for the water pump. And we are in the process of setting up a computer lab for the schools and the first and only library in the area.
God is blessing the ministry of Living Water Community Transformation and we want to be sure to give Him all the glory!
“Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16.

Please consider donating to the new library project. We are working hard to teach many people to read (including adult literacy classes), but there are no reading materials available in our area. Statistics show that students who are educated to level eight, regress to illiterate status if their reading skills are not used, post formal education.

Yin ca leec,
Mama Ayen (Ann Rao)

The Blessing of Workers

It was well over a year ago that we began the planning phase for installing a solar system for the ACM compound, and wiring it for electricity. The proposal was written, the funds raised, parts ordered and shipped from Juba, South Sudan, Kampala, Uganda, and more carried from the U.S. Bill and I had taken special training on installing solar systems, and I had traveled to Akot in late February to inventory parts, lay cable, and perform additional site preparations. Once we knew what was there, we purchased the remaining material we needed. Every staple, screw, tool had to be inventoried and packed. There was no room for error … there was no place to get additional materials if we forgot something! Our team of 6 came together quite late, with God providing another electrician at the very last minute. There were 4 of us to do the installation, and two to provide some teaching to the men and ladies. But the 4 of us couldn’t do this job alone. We needed people from the ALP school and ACM ministry to help us. I asked Isaac for 3 men to work along side our 3 men for this week long install. Much to our surprise, and delight, there were 8 dedicated men who worked every day with us until we got the job done. There were others that helped at different times, but these men were great! Mark, Bill and Joe showed them what to do, and they did the majority of the work hanging the light fixtures, installing the plugs and switches, and running the wire. Two of the men, Kamillo and Peter, were on the hot metal roof 5 days in a row, until we got the panels installed. There is no way we could have done the installation without this help, and it was a tremendous joy working alongside these men, getting to know them personally as we worked. I thank God for his provision during this project, that no-one got hurt and that everything worked. But the blessing we received from the service of these eight men was truly remarkable.

Immanuel Baptist Church of Ft Collins, Colorado + ACM Volunteers
Installing Lighting in Classrooms at Abundant Life Primary
Team Leader Terry, Kamilo, Peter and Gabriel
Many Hands Installing Solar Panels