A Light in the Darkness

Abundant Life Primary
Living Water Primary
Morning Assembly
Nelson Mandella
Figures from The United Nations Children Fund show that nearly three quarters of South Sudan’s children are out of school, the highest proportion of out-of-school children in the world. The U.N. also states that over two million children have had to flee their homes due to escalating violence in South Sudan. Leila Pakkala, UNICEF’S Regional Director for Eastern and Southern Africa stated on May 7, 2017, “the future of a generation is truly on the brink.”

I think we here in the West are at risk of becoming numb to these kind of facts. They may just sound like a bunch of statistics from a far away hopeless place. But these are children, made in God’s image, and precious in His sight. Thousands of them are without parents now, leaving them terribly vulnerable to violence, sexual abuse and exploitation. Many South Sudanese children are being recruited by armed forces and other militia groups.

There is a light in this darkness. It is Akot Christian Ministries, which shines like a “city on a hill “in the center of Western Lakes State. By God’s grace and His protection, ACM continues to operate a kingdom development mission, which includes two Christian Primary Schools. The schools are located three miles apart. “Abundant Life Primary” has 482 young souls and “Living Water Primary” enrolls 313. These schools, which go through eighth grade, are considered to be the best primary schools in Western Lake State. Six of the top ten scores from the 2016 national exams, given to eighth grade graduates, were claimed by students from ACM schools.

A significant number of ACM’s 795 students are orphans. They are very special at ACM schools. Nelson Mandella is one of our special ones. He ranked number one on the national exam for level eight graduates.

The community is very proud of their students. They give testimony to the faithfulness of God for the success of their schools in the midst of terrible times for their Nation.
Your faithful prayer and financial support is making all of this possible.

Thank you,
Ann Rao, President

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16