More Precious Than Jewels

A Rare Jewel

“God has the power to transform our lives from nothing to something great in His eyes for His glory, only if we yield our lives to Him and for Him,” says Joyce Muraa. I first met Joyce on my visit to the refugee camps in Uganda in January. I recognized that she was a great blessing the minute I met her. Making the decision to move our mission from Akot, South Sudan to the refugee camps in Uganda was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I knew God had led in that decision making process and that was definitely confirmed upon my meeting Joyce.
Joyce is a wife and mother of 4 sons. She was born in Moyo, Uganda, but her family had to flee the war in Uganda during President Iddi Amin’s regimen in 1979. Joyce was 12 years old when she became a refugee the first time. She grew up, married and had four children while living in South Sudan. Both of her parents were believers, however Joyce was 34 years old when she committed her life to Christ. Joyce went to work as an office assistant for E3 Partners, an evangelistic ministry. She was employed there for 5 years. Later she worked with Empower One ministry for 6 years, as an administrative assistant.

In 2017 Joyce’s family again had to flee war, this time from South Sudan. The family went to Moyo refugee camp in Uganda, but because Joyce was still employed, she had to relocate to Arua, where Empower One had opened their office.

Joyce shared with me that in 2019 she was “called by God to serve Him through the women in the local churches.” She says her calling is to “discipleship and women’s economic empowerment through the training of skills.” Joyce is currently seeking a Bachelor Degree in Theology from Ugandan Baptist Seminary. “This is to equip me for better service for the Lord,” explains Joyce.
This godly sister lives by faith. She believes God called her to leave a salaried job to minister directly to women in the refugee camps. “Most of our women here in the camp are overburdened with the responsibility of sustaining their families, as some either lost their husbands or they were left behind in South Sudan. Others have husbands who are not working because they lost their jobs due to the war.”

Joyce went on to say, “please pray with us that God is going to provide for training of skills, like tailoring, soap making, mechanics, and welding for their husbands. These will empower these people economically, in order to eradicate poverty. Above all, we need a program for discipleship so that they can grow in the Word of God.”
After hearing Joyce’s heart, I think you will agree that she is indeed a rare jewel. Joyce is co-leading a very large women’s ministry in the refugee camps alongside another rare jewel, Rose Dima. I will have to introduce you to Rose another time.

Stay tuned for another exciting experience on mission with God in the refugee camps in Northern Uganda!

Your sister,
Ann Rao