Akot Celebrates Hope for Future, In Midst of War and Famine


July 9th was Independence Day in South Sudan. There was little reason for the worlds newest nation to celebrate, as it is struggling to survive civil war and famine. However, in the community of Akot there is a ray of hope for the future. While very few Independence Day gatherings took place elsewhere in the country, a dedication ceremony attended by over 500 people was held in Akot for the opening of a new classroom building for Living Water Primary School. The students have met for classes under trees for the past 9 years. Despite having no building the students of Living Water have been among the top ranking in the State.
The chief speakers for the ceremony were county education officers, chiefs, and community leaders. Each began by giving glory to Almighty God for the school. The children performed a dramatic presentation of “The Feeding of the 5000” from John 6:1. The women performed with songs and dances that they have created to demonstrate various Bible stories and health lessons.

The selection of the story of the “Feeding of the 5000” seems to have been divinely selected. (I suggested it because it would give every child an opportunity to participate.)

Last week we had to arrange to have emergency food brought in by plane, as there has been no food available for weeks for the community. (We are very thankful for our faithful partners, Baptist Global Response, who helped us with this intervention.) Families store their food in their tukels (huts), but that supply is exhausted and the next crop is not ready for harvest until September. In addition, a recent attack by soldiers left many homes looted of the little food left. The supply of food delivered last week by plane is totally inadequate to meet the tremendous need. We are praying that the selection of the story was indeed prophetic, and the food will be multiplied.

God has protected our ministry in Akot and allowed us to continue all of our activities, in spite of the degradation all around us. To Him be the glory!
The Board of Directors of Living Water Community Transformation and the staff of Akot Christian Ministries want to express their gratitude for your faithful support through prayer and financial giving. Yin ca leec (Dinka for thank you)

Nhialic abi thiei (Dinka for God bless you),
Mama Ayen Malual (aka: Ann Rao)