Busy Bees 🐝 🐝 

I am reminded of an old African saying, “A bee doesn’t start its hive with honey”, whenever I think about our South Sudanese refugees in the camps along the border of Uganda and South Sudan. The saying means that it takes hard work to produce fruit. They had to flee for their lives. All had to leave their homes and possessions. Many of them even lost family members in the chaos of their villages being attacked and the need to suddenly flee the area. Years later many of these people are still searching for family members, not knowing if they are still alive. In addition to these great losses, they had to leave behind their land. The majority of South Sudanese people are subsistence farmers, which means they depend on the food they raise themselves to survive. Without their land they have no means to feed their families. The refugees became dependent on the food rations distributed by the United Nations World Food Program. Over the last year the amount of food rationed has steadily been reducing. Recently, an announcement was made that the rations would cease. By God’s grace, your generosity and the determination of the South Sudanese people, all is not lost. They have been as busy as bees progressing towards becoming more self-sustaining. Daily I receive reports and photos of the progress for which we are working to achieve. Thought I would bless you with some of these.

Newly Constructed Vocational Training Building in Morobi Camp
Young Men and Older Men are Taking Advantage of the Training
Baking Classes Began Last Week
Tailoring Class Finishing Up with a Course in Basic Business Principles
More than 1100 Acres of Grain and Vegetables are Being Planted Right Now
Basic Mechanic Classes Began Last Week
Perfect Rolls Hopefully Bring Lots of Bread from the Market
First Order for a Cake in the First Week—Sweet!
Morning Devotions for the Baking and the Mechanics Students

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