Ebenezer Secondary School

“Ebenezer”, mentioned in 1Samuel 7:12, refers to a stone that was erected to commemorate a victory for the Israelites. The word ebenezer actually means “stone of help”. What an appropriate name for this secondary school established by the Baptist Churches in Bidi Bidi Refugee Camp. Bidi Bidi is the largest of 11 camps in Northern Uganda, housing a total of 1.4 million South Sudanese refugees. Two hundred students meet daily in a building made of sticks and tarpaulins. The teachers are volunteers. Four of the twelve teachers are females. The school has met all the requirements to be recognized by the Ugandan government school system. However, by our standards, they lack everything. They have no school meals, no sports equipment, no library, no lab, or offices. Yet, it is the pride of the entire camp. Families sell some of the meager portions of food provided monthly by the United Nations, to help with the expenses of stationery and books for the school.



These students and their families have suffered much trauma and loss of family members to escape to these refugee camps. Attending a school is a prized opportunity.

The leaders of the Baptist Association in the camps are all refugees themselves from South Sudan. My husband and I were very impressed with every one of these spiritual giants, whom we were able to meet while there in January. Joyce Muraa (pictured above) is the Co-Director of the Women’s Ministry. I had the privilege of spending several days with her. I came away feeling that I need to learn so much from Joyce.


Living Water Community Transformation has committed, by faith, to support this school. We are excited to be a part of God’s plan to equip these people then send them back to South Sudan to transform their nation, one community at a time. However, we cannot do this without you. Please consider partnering with us in this mission, by praying for us or financially supporting. Prayer support is essential for the success of this mission.

In “Experiencing God” Henry Blackaby said, “Find out where God is working and join Him there.”

Your Sister in Christ,