Global Hunger Sunday

This Sunday, October 14th is a day set aside to honor God by considering the enormous number of people suffering from lack of food in the world. “How can feeding people bring honor to God”, you ask? In the center of South Sudan, a nation with chronic food shortage, 750 primary students receive a nourishing meal daily. Please read Nelson’s life story to hear how your giving to Living Water Community Transformation has made a difference.

I am Nelson Mandela Madol, I was born on 16th/August/2001. My parents evoked the memory of Nelson Mandela of South Africa, the great leader of apartheid policy. and They hoped that I will be like him and bring them out of their troubles. My father’s name is Madol Maker and my mother’s name is Adol Dut. I have eight siblings four sisters and four brothers. My father was cattle keeper, but he died earlier in the cattle camp due conflict between the Nuer and the Dinkas. I don’t even know my father’s image, I heard all the stories from the clan and family members. My father died after he and my mother had four children, three girls and a boy. But two girls passed away. One girl died before I was born and another died in 2002 after I was born. Currently I have six siblings, two sisters and four brothers. My uncle took over the responsibilities of my mother. They have five children, including me. My uncle was living in Akot, in the east of the state. I and my others siblings with our mother were living in Rumbek, the capital city of the state, where my mother worked two jobs. We lived a happy life with our mother, until she died on 25th/November/2009. Our situation was terrible because we missed our mother. I and my siblings were scattered to stayed with relatives who live in different places. I with my older and younger brother were taken to stayed in Akot with my uncle.

I got my education at Living Water Primary school, under Living Water Community Transformation (LWCT). Living Water is a Christian school, so I grew up learning the Word of God. In my young age at Living Water I heard God’s stories, about His wonders and the amazing things He did for His people. Sometimes my situation was very hard but I didn’t mind, because I knew that with God all things are possible. At Living Water I was a double orphan. So I was helped by receiving a school uniform and food to take home every month. Everything was free for the orphans. I continued doing my studies at Living Water until grade eight. In 2016 I sat for my National Exams (Primary Leaving Certificate) at the age of 15 years. I earned the first ranking, with 93% average out of 1963 students. My school became top of all the 41 primary schools in the Western Lakes State. I and my school became popular because the exams results were announced by the Minster of Education on the State Radio. I knew how I did in the National Exams was not by my own work. It is the work of God Almighty. I know the Mary’s song of Benedictus in Luke 1:46-55. So I gave thanks to God for His protection and wonderful things He did for me. I pray to Him daily and read my Bible regularly. When I look into my life story, LWCT has really helped transform my life completely, in a good way. And I pray in my daily prayers the Lord Almighty will bless and protect all the LWCT people to keep on helping the people of South Sudan, to transform them. I thank all the Christians and people in America who joined their hands together to do these amazing works for their God. May the Lord pour His blessing onto the people of America.

By Nelson Mandela Madol
(Edited for clarity purposes)