Look What God Has Done

I am a list person. Although it helps keep me focused, I constantly feel overwhelmed by so many tasks left on the list at the end of the day. The ministry needs of our work in Akot are huge and ongoing. It is easy to focus on those needs and let them overwhelm us, but Scripture teaches us to focus on the wonderful things the Lord has done. “Remember the wonders he has done.” 1 Chronicles 16:12a. “Remember to extol his work,” Job 36:24. “I will remember the deeds of the Lord,” Psalm77:11. As I look back at all that God has done over this past year, I am again overwhelmed, but with gratitude and praise. There are actually too many blessings to list in an email, but here are a few highlights.

Some of the praises listed here are for new projects, but many of them are amazing simply because they were able to continue in the midst of the political and economic crisis facing the nation of South Sudan.

– Food has been in severe shortage everywhere in South Sudan. Being able to feed all of our school children, staff, and adult education classes is close to miraculous. God has provided incredible partners, such as Baptist Global Response, World Food Program, and many individual donors who help provide food for so many people.

– Completing the construction on a new school building was an amazing feat. Getting the necessary skilled workers and the materials into Akot would not have been possible without God’s protection and provision.

– Very few schools are continuing to hold regular classes in South Sudan because of the continuation of the military/tribal conflict, and because the government has no funds to pay teachers. Living Water Primary and Abundant Life Primary continue to provide quality education. Akot Christian Ministries recently held their third primary school graduation. Praise the Lord for His faithfulness.

– Women’s ministry continues to flourish. Eight groups of ladies meet weekly to learn Bible stories, pray for each other, and learn skills such as sewing and gardening. The status of women has been elevated in each community where the ladies have established groups.

– Men’s discipleship group has become more popular. We praise God for how he is influencing the culture. “They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks.” Isaiah 2:4b.

– Pastors training is held in two communities. Each group meets twice a week. This is attended by men from several denominations. It is encouraging to see the strength developing among these men of God by the unification through the study of God’s Word.

– Faithful believers meet weekly under trees to hear God’s Word and worship, regardless of the weather. Despite the shortage of just about everything we consider necessities, they are thankful for being alive. They encourage one another by expressing hope for the future.

– Akot Christian Ministries is excited about the goal we share for them to become self-sustaining in the near future. They know that providing food for their own community is a critical component. Through the help of LWCT donors oxen teams and ploughs have made it possible for churches to work together to cultivate large farms in their communities.

– Each month the ACM staff identifies the most vulnerable individuals or families. Home visits are made by the pastors or by a women’s ministry leader to assess the needs, encourage, and pray with them. Lack of food is most often their biggest problem. Grain or a goat is provided by ACM.

– A solar powered generator and an elaborate irrigation system was installed at Bread of Life Farm last Spring. This equipment will enable the farm to have two growing seasons and to plant crops which would otherwise be impossible to introduce in this environment. These tremendous gifts were made possible through some very generous donors. Praise the Lord for stirring the hearts of these believers.

– The farm has nearly doubled the size of the area cultivated last year. We are into our third harvest of peanuts, sorghum, and okra. Fruit trees have recently been planted and we are planning to introduce new crops of improved varieties of eggplant and cassava. God is good.

– LWCT has been providing university scholarships for 7 students majoring in agriculture, primary education, nursing, business and medical school. The first graduate, Kuot Aguto has come home to direct the Agribusiness team. Praise God.

– ACM provides employment only for people from this remote community.