2017: Year In Review

Remember the Wonders He Has Done A part of my morning routine for the past many years has been to read an online news publication,The Sudan Tribune, which reports news from South Sudan. I rarely find any good news, and quite honestly, it is usually it is downright discouraging. However, I follow that time up […]

Faith, Hope and Love

“Why do you do this? Isn’t it dangerous? Don’t you get discouraged? Isn’t it just hopeless anyway?” These are questions Living Water Community Transformation board members are asked frequently by family and friends who are concerned about our mission in South Sudan. Just yesterday, in my early morning quiet time, I read a familiar passage […]

Virtuous Women

That is counter-cultural. Women have never had a meeting here. They are not to be educated. Their only purpose is to bear children and be work animals. They have too much work to come to meetings. They will never come.” These were some of the discouraging comments I received when the concept of a women”s […]

Back to School

“Back to School”, is a theme proclaimed everywhere in the United States at this time of year. It has become almost as commercialized as Christmas. It means shopping for new clothes, shoes, backpacks, lunch boxes, and school supplies. Students and parents alike are excited, but for different reasons. 😇 Things are drastically different in South […]

The Feeding Of The Two Thousand

There were no loaves of bread or small fish. However, there were sacks of sorghum, beans, and cooking oil, and getting it to the 2000 souls in 7 remote areas of South Sudan was kind of like a miracle. Just finding enough food to purchase in South Sudan, where food is extremely scarce, was no […]

A Father to the Fatherless

“Before I received help from ACM (Akot Christian Ministries) I did not know where I could find food for my myself and my brother and sisters. I used to think a lot about school, but our future seemed hopeless because we did not have parents,” wrote Petero in a thank you note via Facebook. Petero […]