One Child at a Time

 My name is Lu Smith and I recently had the privilege of traveling to Uganda with Ann and three other members of our church, Long Hollow, in Hendersonville, TN.  Our main task was training children’s Sunday School teachers using the Gospel Project curriculum from Lifeway.  We modeled it first, the teachers then presented it to us, and finally, they taught it to the local children.  I say local, when in fact, I am sure many walked a long way to take part!  There are many things that I could share about the trip that will have a long lasting impact on my life, but the children, in particular, especially tugged at my heart! I saw a myriad of expressions that week!  Some were shy and a little scared of us at first and others acted like they had known us for years! Many sang loudly while others watched us intently!  Some hung back and watched through the open windows and others were up for some good picture taking!  All wore big smiles while playing outside with the parachute and balls that we brought (and left with them!).  And, of course, many smiles when we gave them suckers at the end!  I guess candy speaks a universal language!
At the end of the day, what spoke the loudest to me and brought the most tears, was the reality that these children, without ministries like Living Water Community Transformation, will grow up to be adults with little hope.  Their lives will be hard and their future bleak.  BUT, when they are introduced to the ONE who brings hope and light in an otherwise dark world, their lives will forever be transformed. Their circumstances might never change but they now will be equipped to walk this side of heaven with a joy and peace that can’t be explained apart from Jesus!  We talked alot to the teachers about what it means to be a disciple who makes disciples.  I am so grateful to have had a small part in this and can’t wait to hear about a great revival in the refugee camp as a result of 50 young adult men and women, who have committed to reaching their world for Jesus, one child at a time!

Lu, JoAnna, Amanda, Ann, Suzanne
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Fun Way to Reinforce the the Truths of the Bible Story
Fun Way to Reinforce the the Truths of the Bible Story