Refugees Will Not Be Home for Christmas🎄

Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!

2 Corinthians 9:15

I’ll Be Home for Christmas”🎶, The Bing Crosby hit from 1943, will not be heard in the refugee camps in Uganda. I am sure the South Sudanese living in the camps do dream of going home, but it won’t be happening this Christmas. LWCT is trying to make the best of their displacement period by equipping them spiritually and physically to return to South Sudan stronger than they were before they fled. Part of this goal involves assisting them to be less dependent on outside aid. Formal education, vocational training, improved farming skills, and small businesses are projects provided by LWCT and administered through the local churches. You can help this process!

Have you been wondering what to get that person on your list who has everything? How about a gift in their honor, for someone who has nothing? We have options to choose from.🎁

How about some soles for little souls. $10 each. Need 400 pairs.

Bibles in Bari language for men and women’s Bible Study groups? $7 each. Need 50

Perhaps some reading glasses for men and women. Just $2 each. Need 200

Farm tools: hoes, $6 each. And shovels $6 each. Need 100 of each

A basic tool box for mechanics school graduates. $32 each. Need 26

Seeds for planting 1 acre plots of land, $10. Need 110.

Celebrate Recovery groups are requesting hymnals in Bari. $3 each. Need 50

Baking class graduates receive  portable oven to begin business. $66 each. Need 20
Primary pupils need recreational equipment. Jump ropes $4 each; volley balls $18 each; volley ball nets $16 each; and soccer balls $15 each. Need many of each for 400 pupils

School children are happy to receive a cake of soap, made by LWCT ladies, twice monthly. Cost is $1.40 per child per month. Need for 400 children.

LWCT food for disabled refugees monthly. $15 for 25lbs beans per family. Need for 50 families monthly.

Fabric and supplies for tailoring students to use in class. $10 for each student. 50 students each year. 

Tailoring Graduates receive their sewing machines as a gift. $95 each. Need 50 per year.

Small business loans for qualifying entrepreneurs range from $50-$100. Need for 50 people.

Our mailing address is:
Living Water Community Transformation
230 Sydney Drive
Goodlettsville, TN 37072