Rejoice Always

By: JoAnna Reeves Cooper

I had the privilege to be a part of Living Water Community Transformation Mission Team that 
went to Uganda September 20-Oct 1st. It was an experience unlike any other I have
ever had. My eyes have been opened to the strength and resilience of people that
have very little possessions, even what we would consider necessities in America!
We got to work with young adults in 2 different refugee camp churches and had a
church event at a 3rd camp that lasted from 9:00-4:00 on Sunday, and gave out 490
suckers that day! At each church the singing and dancing to the Lord were joyous
and beautiful! It was awesome to learn their worship songs and sing with them! The
children at all 3 locations sang and clapped to an upbeat version of Jesus Loves Me,
which made me cry with joy!
     We got to worship and pray with the ladies in the sewing class. They seem so happy
to be a part of that group. Using the sewing skills will enable them to provide for their
families by making and selling products, and enable them to clothe their own
children. The pedal sewing machines look like my great grandmother’s, but I saw
beautiful dresses, headpieces, and shirts that were made with those machines.
can’t wait to see the 2 dresses I ordered to be made for my 2 granddaughters! Ann is
bringing them back with her in Nov. It will be fun to be surprised with the styles and
materials of the dresses, since they don’t have patterns and no extra material there
     I was so blessed to meet such strong people dealing with so much adversity. I am
resolved now to pray for them consistently and look for ways to help them, and
maybe even go back to see them again!

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

A current need that you can help with is providing Study Bibles for the children’s ministry leaders. We have trained them to use a curriculum that is based on Chronological Bible Stories (Gospel Project). They only have access to New Testaments. The Bibles we hope to obtain are New King James Versions and will be purchased locally from the Ugandan Bible Society. The cost is $20 each. Donations can be made credit care on our website or by mailing a check. See below for the web and postal address.
Tinate (Thank you in Bari)
Ann Rao