South Sudan Faces Severe Food Shortage


“The number of people facing food shortages is projected to hit 4.6 million by July, nearly one million more than in April, said Erminio Sacco, the chief adviser for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.” The shortage is caused by a bloody civil war that has displaced hundreds of thousands of people. Therefore, farming and aid deliveries have been disrupted. Many aid agencies have evacuated due to the violence. Local currency has been devalued, causing the cost of food to be unaffordable. Food and fuel are very scarce, even if funds are available for purchasing. The rainy season has recently begun, which will soon make the roads impassable.

Living Water Community Transformation, known as Akot Christian Ministries in South Sudan, feeds 926 primary school children and 75 staff members daily. Weekly discipleship groups, pastor training and sewing school students add another 200 people receiving food per week.This is the only food most of these brothers and sisters receive.



Months ago a shipping container of food was purchased in Uganda, to be transported to Akot. The shipping container is necessary for long term safe food storage. While in route over already muddy roads, the truck and container became hopelessly stuck. The drivers, who can not speak the local language, were stranded deep in the bush in hostile territory without mobile phone coverage. Finally, upon hearing about the situation, prayer warriors were called to action. A truck, large enough to pull out such a heavy load, was sent from the capital to pull the Ugandan truck and container out. However, the Ugandan vehicle would not start. The food was off loaded onto the second truck and delivered to Akot. The Ugandan drivers had to abandon the vehicle and container and returned to Uganda to obtain the needed parts to repair the vehicle. We praise God that no one was injured, and that the desperately needed food was delivered in tact. The rejoicing was great when the big yellow truck overflowing with life saving food finally arrived in Akot.


Living Water Community Transformation is continuing to work on transforming Akot community into a peaceful, healthy place for families to thrive. The recent unrest has caused setbacks, but has not stopped our ministries. Our Christian schools continue with 926 students being educated and fed nutritious meals daily. The women’s ministry is meeting regularly for prayer, Bible study, and health education. The sewing school is meeting regularly. Pastors are being trained and churches are producing disciples. Our agri-business is making headway. The farm is plowed and being planted this week. Fifty ladies are very excited that they have started their own goat business.

We urgently need for you to partner with us through prayer and financial support, you may contribute by mailing a check or by credit card via the website. See below for contact information.