Supplications of Sudan: Transforming Lives in Akot

Transforming Lives in Akot

An all star team of 7 (Raymond Lyrene, MD; Ann Rao, RN; Cathy Mims, RN; Becky Thomas, RN; Dr Theresa Rogers; Sherry Pryde, RN; and Gracia Sugantharaj) returned last week exhausted, but rejoicing over a victorious week of serving in Akot, South Sudan. Despite extreme heat and the delay of arrival of needed supplies, the team proved to be resilient and resourceful. When I think about all that was accomplished, I am reminded that Christ said, “with God all things are possible” Matthew 19:26. The team worked daily from sun up to sundown. We divided up and were the guest speakers at 4 churches, witnessed 31 baptisms, participated in a foot-washing ceremony, served the Lord’s Supper, demonstrated and distributed 1000 mosquito nets, spoke at two large parent/teacher meetings, examined 600 school children (including vision screening), trained teachers, trained pastors, trained sewing teachers, lead two ladies conferences, and led morning devotions for two schools each day. The children received vaccines for Diptheria, Pertussis, Tetnus, Polio, Meningitis, Measles, a tablet for parasites and a large dose of vitamin A. There was not one cry baby in either school!

Demonstrating How to Use Nets

Chemically treated mosquito nets have proven to be the most effective method of malaria prevention. Last year many children in Akot died of malaria. The rainy season usually begins in April. Proper use of the nets was demonstrated to every person who received a net. Pray the nets will save many young lives this season.


A Day of Rejoicing

Thirty-one Sudanese entered the waters of baptism in Akot last week. Some of our churches have started church plants of their own. I visited one in a village 5 miles from Akot, where approximately 100 people gathered. More than half were men. The dialog following the Bible story indicated that they had a good foundation for their new faith.

A Goat for Josephina

Josephina is 21 yrs old, married, pregnant and has a 3 yr old son. She is the oldest of 6 children. Her youngest brother is also 3 yrs old. Her father died a few years ago and her mother died very recently. Her husband left her to fend for 6 small children and her new baby alone. Her hut is furnished with one small dirty mattress. Please pray for this young woman.

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