Thanksgiving in Akot, South Sudan


jacob_1Friends from Abundant Life Primary prayed for Jacob prior to his boarding a Samaritan’s Purse plane bound for Juba, the capital city of South Sudan. God used Samaritan’s Purse’s visiting surgical team to answered the many prayers for little Jacob. All attempts to get him to Kenya for surgery had failed.



Jacob Before Surgery

jacob_2Jacob was born with a facial deformity, a cleft lip. Two years ago the Samaritan’s Purse visiting surgical team could not take Jacob, as they had a waiting list. Last year the S.P. clinic was cancelled due to insecurity in Juba. Taking Jacob out of the country for his surgery proved to be impossible. I was thrilled to hear that SP was coming back this November and that Jacob was definitely on their list. SP used their larger plane, the DC-3, and picked up patients from many remote villages all over South Sudan, including our Jacob.

Jacob After Surgery

jacob_3Nine year old Jacob, though dressed up in his new clothes, nervously boarded the plane with his father, John, who is the school nurse for both of the primary schools operated by Living Water CT. One SP crew member, Paul, took a special interest in Jacob. He took pictures of Jacob before the surgery, during, and afterwards. He and other crew went to see what the doctors were doing after their flights. “How good God is that he let me walk in while Jacob’s surgery.”

Food Delivery

jacob_4The food supply in the interior of South Sudan is completely depleted. The supply trucks have not been able to get there due to the condition of the roads from months of heavy rain. No crops are ready to harvest yet. Praise God, we were able to purchase food in Juba and have SP bring it back when Jacob was returned to Akot. Though I was informed at one point that all plans were cancelled due to mechanical problems, God again answered desperate prayers. Tons of grain arrived on the plane with our precious cargo, Jacob. Now that was a real day of Thanksgiving!