The Beginning of Knowledge

Education has become highly valued among the South Sudanese people. This was not always true in the Dinka culture. Because of so much turmoil in the world’s newest nation, schools are increasingly difficult to maintain, for both the government and for private institutions. The number of operational schools has been reducing steadily over the past 6 years of civil war.

Living Water Community Transformation provides the highest quality of instruction that we are able to manage in our primary schools. However, we continue to strive to keep the main thing, the main thing. King Solomon, known as the wisest man in the Old Testament, stated in Proverbs 1:7, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge”. Our schools begin each day with a Bible Story, praise songs in Dinka, and prayer. Teachers are selected not only based on their education and experience, but also on their reputation of being a person of faith in the community. We have female and male chaplains, as well as a girls counsellor. Christian Education is one of the regular classes in their curriculum. Developing disciples of Christ is of paramount importance in our schools.

Pray for our 796 pupils to pass this school year, and especially for the 49 level eight graduates. Girls make up 33% of our student population, which is very encouraging. Eighty-nine of our students are “double orphans” (without a living mother or father). It is rare for these children to be able to attend school. We are proud to say that they tend to maintain the highest grade averages. PTL!

It is our prayer that these children will go on to be the leaders in the Nation of South Sudan, and they will train future children to fear the Lord.

Abundant Life Primary Exam Day for First-Fourth Grade Levels
Abundant Life Exam Day for Fifth-Eighth Grade Levels
Living Water Primary Exam Day for First-Fourth Grade Levels
Living Water Primary Exam Day for Fifth-Eighth Grade Levels