The Birds Can Fly

You know that feeling parents have when they drive off and leave their college age child on the college campus the first time? That is how we, as the Board of Living Water Community Transformation felt as we released Akot Christian Ministries in December. I felt like a mother bird pushing the chicks our of the nest and praying that they could fly. I am so pleased to share the good news, that our babies are flying! The farm is harvesting large amounts of food. The 2 primary schools registered and began classes. All 20 of the churches are meeting regularly, as are all 8 of the women’s groups. Please keep praying with us that they continue to soar.

In January my husband and I made our first trip to Bidi Bidi refugee camp in Northern Uganda. Actually Bidi Bidi is only one of 11 camps set up for South Sudanese who are fleeing violence in their home country. The camps run together and it is virtually impossible to determine where one ends and another begins. 1.4 million souls live in this vast area just inside the Ugandan border.
We came back overwhelmed, but very excited to see what God is doing there. We cannot wait to be apart of His mission there. Many tribes, who have been warring for generations in South Sudan are living with their enemies, peacefully in these camps. Their traumatic stories of loss and suffering are all very similar. Churches are drawing large crowds of souls seeking hope and peace. Oh but there is so much work to do. Please join us as we begin the new adventure with the Lord.

Ann Rao

“The Lord watches over the alien and sustains the fatherless and the widow.” Psalm 146:9

Bread of Life Farm in Akot is producing a bountiful harvest.
Eighteen new believers were baptized in January in Paloch.
New varieties of vegetables and fruits are available in Akot.
Pastor’s receive certificates for completion of training.
Both Primary Schools in Akot opened on schedule.
Bidi Bidi Refugee camp for displaced South Sudanese.
Many children are separated from parents and are fending for themselves in the refugee camps.