The Body of Christ

bc_1Recently six hundred families from community of Akot fled to the area of their ancestors because of inter-clan fighting. It is very difficult to see 3 of our church congregations displaced as a result of these revenge attacks. These are not statistics, they are our beloved brothers and sisters in Christ. Several leaders of Akot Christian Ministries are among these suffering Christians. Pictured here is Pastor Chadrack Chol, who previously served as the hospital chaplain in Akot. Peter Malual, ACM’s Director of Pastor and Church Development; Joseph Mading, Pastor Training Teacher; John Poth, Chief Administrator of Agri-business; and Samuel Maker, Mechanic/Driver are also among the displaced. All of these men formerly pastored Baptist churches in Akot. They, along with their families are living in the bush with no shelter from the heavy rains. I Corinthians 12:26 says we are all of one body and, “If one part suffers, every part suffers with it”. These people are a part of our family of believers, and they are suffering.

Many of you from the US, recently partnered with Akot Christian Ministries by providing funds to purchase 600 tarpaulins. These were recently distributed to the 600 families from Akot. Pastor Chadrack is one of the recipients. They are the only shelter these families have from the rain.

Each Saturday ACM Associate Director, Isaac Bol has visited Paloc, and along with the displaced pastors listed above, has ministered to the whole community of Paloc. The chiefs and community leaders held a special meeting. They wanted their heartfelt thanks to be conveyed to ACM and to the Christians in the US, who are praying and supporting them. Even though the chiefs and leaders were not the recipients of the tarps.

This crisis has provided a wonderful ministry opportunity for the Sudanese believers to minister to their own people. it is so much more effective for them to be the hands and feet of Christ, than for Westerners to do the ministering. Since these weekly visits began, there have been no further attacks on Akot, by the people of Paloc. I am reminded of Joseph’s words to his brothers who had done much evil toward him, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good”. Genesis 50:20. Certainly the enemy of our souls intended for this crisis to destroy the advance of the kingdom of God, but “God intended it for good”. Gen. 50:20.

Water: Essential to Survival


The only water source for our brothers and sisters in Paloc has been mud puddles from the heavy rainfall. People bath, wash their clothes, water the animals, cook and drink from stagnant water. The woman in the top picture is collecting water for her family’s consumption. It is heartbreaking, as these are woman who have completed a course of “Health Education for Developing Countries”. They are fully aware of the dangers of water born diseases, but have no other choice for drinking water.

However, because of a very generous donor, this week a well was drilled at the site of “The Widow’s and Orphan’s Baptist Church” in Paloc. This was one of the three transplanted churches from the community of Akot. Akot’s very own “Lydia” is now living in Paloc, and she has started a church there by the same name. God is at work in Paloc! Now they will have clean water to drink, as well as the Living Water that they desperately need.

Precious in His Sight

bc_3Pastor John Poth conveyed a message to me recently from a number of children in Paloc. “Tell Mama Ayen not to forget about us. We are Akot Christian Ministry Students. We are like the thief on the cross that told Jesus, “don’t forget about me when you get to heaven”. (No doubt they had attended church on Easter.)
The little girl pounding dura is 5 years old. The job she is doing is hard and dangerous. Her siblings are also working to prepare the daily meal, while the parents are working in their garden to produce food for future days. Children provide essential labor for survival of the family. School is a memory for these children. Pray for a miracle for them to be able to go back to school.

How is the War Affecting Our Ministry?

Living Water Community Transformation is continuing to work on transforming Akot community into a peaceful, healthy place for families to thrive. The recent unrest has caused setbacks, but has not stopped our ministries. Our two primary schools continue with 600 students being educated and fed nutritious meals daily. The women’s ministry is meeting regularly for prayer, Bible study, and health education. The sewing school is meeting regularly. Churches are producing disciples. Our agri-business is making headway. The farm is cleared and the fence is being erected this week. Twenty-five ladies are very excited that they have started their own goat business.
Please pray for the work that God is doing in South Sudan. If you would like to partner with us through financial support, you may contribute by mailing a check or by credit card via the website. See below for contact information.