Urgent Need for Food

“In the middle of this month we gave out small food rations to a few families. The local churches identified the most vulnerable people in all the refugee camps. They are the disabled, old age, widows, and people living with HIV/Aids.The UN reduced the food ratio to 6 kgs per person per month. Recently they announced that because of short in funding they will cut out food rations in September 2020”, stated Pastor Edward Dima. Dima serves as the Director of the Baptist Churches in the refugees camp in north Uganda.

The pictures above are from the recent food distribution these refugee churches were able to provide to the most needy in their areas. It reminds me of the words of Apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 8:3 about the Macedonians churches, “they gave as much as they were able, and even beyond their ability.”

In January 2020 Living Water Community Transformation began our ministry in the refugee camps of Northern Uganda, which hosts 1.4 million people. We divided our mission into 4 main areas: Church Development, Education, Health and Economic Stability. Economic Stability includes agricultural projects, small businesses, and food stability. By partnering with the network of 200 established churches, which are spread throughout the 5 camps, we are able to serve far more people than we could have otherwise. However, due to the COVID19 pandemic and the travel restrictions, we have not been able to visit the camps since January. In spite of this obstacle we have made much progress toward our goal of developing self-sustaining, healthy communities.

LWCT supports an Agriculture Liaison to provide direction in establishing large church gardens. A total of 72 hectares, or 178 acres are dedicated to producing sorghum, beans, groundnuts, sim sim, and cassava. The newly hired Ag Liaison will also provide teaching and assistance for family gardens. The second annual planting is taking place this month, July. These crops will be harvested in October and November. In addition LWCT is in the process of developing some small livestock family businesses.

Tragically, the pandemic has created a worldwide increased demand for food assistance on the World Food Program. The meager monthly food rations being distributed in the refugee camps were recently decreased. The amount allowed per person was insufficient, and was reduced even further recently. An public announcement was made this month that no food would be distributed in the camps after September, due to lack of funding. (Uganda has also suffered locust invasions and widespread flooding in the past few months.) These events create an overwhelming urgent need for food for all the displaced people in the refugee camps.

LWCT prayerfully plans to provide enough food for the most vulnerable souls in the Ugandan camps in which we are ministering. We pray this will sustain this population until the newly planted crops are harvested in October and November. We really need your help to accomplish this goal.

You can join this movement of God through prayers and financial support. Giving is possible by credit card on our website or by check. See the contact information below.

Your sister in Christ,

Ann Rao, President