What We Do

Improving life for South Sudanese refugees

Our Mission

In January 2020 we redirected our resources and efforts to South Sudanese refugees who were forced to flee violence in their communities in South Sudan, and now live in refugee camps just over the border in Uganda. Over a million South Sudanese are living in resettlement camps that span 100 square miles of Northern Uganda.

Our goal is to equip these refugees to be able to return to their communities in South Sudan as mature followers of Christ who will be salt and light where there is great spiritual darkness.

We are striving to accomplish this goal by partnering with the 200 local churches that minister to the 100 sq. mile area of refugee camps to provide assistance in the following areas:

Church Development

Pastoral training, women’s, men’s, and children’s discipleship groups, and evangelism outreach events are a part of our strategy.


LWCT is supporting a Christian Secondary School, run by refugees for refugees.  A library, permanent latrines, security fence, and new concrete flooring were provided recently by LWCT.

Economic and Food Stability

An agriculture project with 180 acres of community gardens is providing much needed food to supplement the United Nations monthly rations. A recent food distribution was provided to stave off hunger for 1000 of the most vulnerable refugees (orphans, widows and disabled). And, several small businesses have been initiated, such as a goat rearing business for 50 women, a piggery, a tailoring business, and a cell phone charging business.

Physical and Emotional Health

Bible based trauma-healing groups for adults are scheduled to begin in 2021.

To learn more about our efforts in South Sudan, click here.

Women’s Ministry Meeting
Children Lead Worship